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One Planet

Our Values are Simple

Take care of the planet AND each other

Children Cleaning Beach

One Planet

We only have ONE PLANET!!  Let's teach our children to preserve and enjoy all this wonderful world has to offer!  We lead by example.  We have built our daycare using recycled and ethically sourced local materials.  Our home is powered by solar panels and we recycle everything we can.  One Planet also recycles learning materials and we try to source as much natural material as possible in the classroom.  If we are going to have a measurable effect on the future of our planet, we need to start engraining a moral compass in our children to value and respect nature and animals.  In addition we will be using our businesses to contribute and give back to charities that help our One Planet.  Would you like to know more about what WE do to give back to our community and planet?


Kindness, empathy, and strength should be the building blocks of our personality.  We encourage our students to grow into strong compassionate leaders of the future.  Just as we encourage being respectful to our planet, our children need to learn to stand up for kindness to each other.  This will help our communities grow stronger as One.

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