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About One Planet

Diverse Developmental Learning Environment

Chalkboard with Different Languages


We teach in both English and Spanish!  Our goal is to help facilitate a solid foundation of English and a familiarity with Spanish by the time our students leave to head to school.  There are many other benefits besides learning 2 languages.  Children have been proven to be better problem solvers, communicators, and have a better ability to learn other languages in the future.  We also teach lessons in Portuguese and Italian for those who are interested!


Reggio Emilia

One Planet uses a philosophy based on the Reggio approach. Reggio has several non traditional ideas that have been proven highly successful at developmental learning.  These unique ideas include but are not limited to the following:

-The 100 languages of children: The idea that a child has endless ways and opportunities to express themselves.  This is facilitated through the creative use of materials and giving the child the opportunity to chose how to communicate ideas.

-Emergent Curriculum:  The curriculum is led by a child's ideas and interests and curated into learning opportunities by the teacher

-The Teacher and the "Third Teacher":  The teacher is considered a collaborator and co-learner, not an instructor.  The physical environment inside and out is the Third Teacher, meaning the environment must be used and be designed to capture attention and encourage a relationship between child and their environment.


One Planet

We only have ONE PLANET!!  Let's teach our children to preserve and enjoy all this wonderful world has to offer!  We lead by example.  We have built our daycare using recycled and ethically sourced local materials.  Would you like to know more about what WE do to give back to our community and planet? 


Kindness, empathy, and strength should be the building blocks of our personality.  We encourage our students to grow into strong compassionate leaders of the future.

"It takes a village to raise a child"

We will be working together with you to open up a world of excitement and wonder to your child.  And it will take all of us... Parents and Teachers and Family and Community.  Together we will guide your child on their journey of personal growth and exploration.  We are committed to providing a safe space for your child's imagination to grow and  blossom.  And to work with you to achieve these goals for your child.

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