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Charity & Community

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Featured Charities

One Planet is thrilled to do our part to help several very special charities that are close to our heart.  We are participating in fundraisers and donating ourselves to make a difference in this world.  Right now we are raising funds for Senior Dog Sanctuary of Severn MD and North Florida Wildlife Center of Lamont FL .  Both of these organizations are doing amazing work and we are proud to do all we can to support them!

Children's Programs

Plant 2 Trees

During the spring time we have each child plant 2 trees.  One of these trees is planted here at One Planet, and the other is taken home to plant in the families' place of choice.  This is an easy way to fight deforestation and a great way to teach our children to respect and give back to mother nature.

Organic Garden

One Planet provides an organic garden to encourage children to learn about nature and to give the children a chance to grow their own vegetables while learning to care for a living thing.

Feed the Birds

We have several bird feeders on site and the children are thrilled to learn about birds and to help restock the feeders.


Recycling is a big part of One Planet.  Daycares tend to use lots of paper and plastic goods and we try to recycle and reuse as much as we can.  This also creates multiple teachable moments as we help the next generation understand our impact on the environment and our community.

Charity Resources

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