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Language is so much more

Playing with Wooden Alphabets

Bilingual Teaching

A Bilingual approach is just natural for us.  Although Vanessa speaks 4 languages, we feel the best approach for teaching children is immersion into 2 languages.  Our goal is to help facilitate a strong foundation of English and a familiarity with Spanish by the time our students leave to head to school.  There are many other less obvious benefits to learning 2 languages.  Children have been proven to be better problem solvers, communicators, and have a better ability to learn other languages in the future.  We also help reinforce cultural learning for those in multicultural families  and those in single culture families as well.

Multilingual Lessons

For those of you who wish to bring other languages into the mix we have you covered there as well.  We offer private and group lessons in all 4 of our spoken languages.  These include English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian.  We are happy to offer these extra classes to all children enrolled in our daycare.

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